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RAMMER – premiere and tour

Presseudsendelse kan frit anvendes ved omtale af: "Rammer" Limfjordsteatret, Glimt og Vendsyssel Teater. LIV MIKAELA SANZ, BO MADVIG, JOHN SIMON WIBORN Dato: 04.01.17 Foto: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Our new performance STRAINER premieres in just a few days, before it goes on a tour across Denmark.   Read more

HAVN @ Ur-Nat, Ringkøbing


From the 24th – 28th August we’ll be performing “HAVN” during the Ur-Nat festival in Ringkøbing.

Read more

GLiMT teaches elective classes in Tårnby

Undervisning i Tårnby

GLiMT will be teaching an elective course for 9th graders throughout Tårnby in collaboration with Tårnby Ungdomsskole and Nycirkus på Skemaet Read more



Teaching Projects



GLiMT is a professional performing arts company established in 2002 by Camila Sarrazin and Lars Lindegaard Gregersen.

GLiMT combines contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre in order to create new and challenging performances that raise important questions about our society and the time we live in. Through the years GLiMT has produced 15 performances of varying scale, received great acclaim from both audiences and press and toured in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Chile.

GLiMT´s performances are developed and created in collaboration with the artistic team related to each specific project. During the years, GLiMT has focused on the relation between performer and scenography, and the physical work with both. GLiMT´s performances are quite different; from sitespecifc performances in buildings and forests, small intimate experiences to larger blackbox performances.

The 2 artistic directors have each their approach for their creative work and inspires and challenges eachother in each their projects. This creates an important development and variety in each performances expression.

Apart from performances, GLiMT also creates larger educational projects, e.g. Valby Sommercirkus, ”Evolution” at Helsingør Lilleskole and the current project ScenEx – a theatrical encounter between youths and GLiMT´s physical expression in Tårnby, Denmark.

Core Team:

Camila Sarrazin:
Artistic director, performer, choreographer

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen:
Artistic director, performer, director

Jonas Schou Hansen:
Producer, tour manager

Board of directors:

Katrien Vervilt, Chairwoman
Randy Thybo
Jeanne Blyme
Henrik Lehmann
Peter Jentszch



The GLiMT Team

Camila Sarrazin

Camila Sarrazin

Artistic director, performer, choreographer
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Artistic director, performer, director
Jonas Schou Hansen

Jonas Schou Hansen

Producer, tour manager
Camila Sarrazin

Camila Sarrazin

Artistic director, performer, choreographer
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Artistic director, performer, director
Jonas Schou Hansen

Jonas Schou Hansen

Producer, tour manager

GLiMT’s History


GLiMT was created in 2002.

Until the end of 2006 GLiMT was based in Barcelona and toured primarily with ”open air” performances in southern Europe.

This brought with it a large network of theatres, festivals and artists, which GLiMT has retained.

In the end of 2006, the company moved to Denmark, and began to focus more on black box and site-specific performances.

In 2014 GLiMT moved to Tårnby, a suburb of Copenhagen and are becoming more and more active locally.

The company has received great acclaim in Denmark and toured internationally, primarily in Europe, but also in Chile, where Camila was born and raised.

GLiMT works internationally, both with aquinted artists and touring our performances.


Event Calendar

  • 27/02, 20:00 - 21:30, Rammer @ Teater Momentum + Artist-talk 


  • 28/02, 20:00 - 21:30, Rammer @ Teater Momentum 


  • 01/03, 19:30 - 21:00, Rammer @ Vejleegnens Teaterforening 


  • 02/03, 19:30 - 21:00, Rammer @ Teamteatret 


  • 20/04, 20:00 - 21:00, Det der er tilbage - Premiere @ Kirkesalen, det gml. Skt Elisabeth Hospital 


  • 21/04, 18:00 - 19:00, Det der er tilbage @ Kirkesalen, det gml. Skt Elisabeth Hospital 



Press Quotes

“a fantastic consicousness-expanding experience”
★★★★★★ Kulturkongen

“a very strong visual expression”
★★★★ Ungt Teaterblod,

★★★★ Teateravisen

Awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation

“moments of eternal beauty”
★★★★★  Arbejderen

”Strongly moving and very effective in its expression”
★★★★ Folketidende

“easy to behold, and beautiful in its calm performance”

“Beautiful physical performance”

”poetic beauty and visual plasticity”
El Mercurio, Chile

”a truly impressive show and an excellent demonstration of contemporary circus”
Unpack The Arts, Bulgaria

”The performance contains a illumination of life itself – existence – the world”
★★★★★ Kulturkongen

” A metaphor for hidden and forgotten citydestinies.”
★★★★ Teater1

”beautiful, strong and at times humoristic pictures”
★★★★ Kulturshot

”an acrobatic playground, that pushed the audience right to the edge of their carpets”
★★★★★★ Ørestadavisen

”The content, the physical work and the poetry combines into a higher unity”
★★★★★ Herning Folkeblad

”World class contemporary circus”
”Do you like crazy astounding acrobatics, then check out the neckbreaking physical equilibrism of Lars Gregersen in the performance ”Sisyphus Ascending”

”Lars Gregersen, a divine profesional acrobat”

”impacts the spectator’s very body and soul.“

“… this performance is infused with lots of lifegiving ambition – in its choreography as well as in its content.”
★★★★ Berlingske Tidende

“An original Contemporary Circus performance”
★★★★ Jyllandsposten

  • Statens Kunstfond

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