Ilt – get blown away!

Have you ever heard about the man who invented the saxophone?

On stage are a man and his saxophones. As he plays, he tells the story of a jazz saxophone player’s last breath and the saxophone from 1920 he inherited from his grandfather. The stories take us to visit Rafaelle’s instrument store, at the foot of a smoking volcano, where there is a huge contrabass saxophone. And between each breath in the saxophone, through each story and between each sentence, we share a breath of air.

Ilt is a fusion of physical theatre, acrobatics, live music and storytelling. The performance takes a philosophical and aesthetical approach to the themes of saxophones, air, oxygen and breath.

“As a physical performer and saxophone player, I’ve become more and more fascinated as time went on by how much our breath impacts our mood, health and the way we perceive the world. I’ve been looking for a way to express that, but here, in this fusion performance, the theme unfolds naturally through the stories of my saxophones.” – Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

ILT is a co-production by ZeBU and GLiMT.

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