CameliOrquestra – An insane circus concert

CameliOrquestra is a combined koncert and contemporary circus performance. A performance where everything can happen and where the musicians literally are flying around while playing. Everyone on stage are all capable musicians while incredibly gifted acrobats, and their fusion of nordic folk-punk-gypsy-funk makes your pulse race, while their acrobatixs create humoristic, endearing, impressive and nervewrecking moments.

A performance where everyone can enjoy!

The performance can play outdoors and indoors and are extremely versatile. Several options are available with both trio, quartet and quintet options. Walkabouts and specially created cabarets as well.

The performance has been created over several rounds and has already toured a lot outdoors in Denmark in various versions. In May 2021, we created the indoor version CameliOrquestra 2.0 and can now play outdoors but also with lightdesign for indoor theaters.

CameliOrquestra are:
Kajsa Bohlin – dancer/acrobat, cyr wheel, song & keyboard
Mikkel Hobitz – partneracrobat, chinese pole, drumpads & guitar
Ida Langkilde – partneracrobat, handstandartist, chinese pole & bari and alt-saxophone
Joel Degerfeldt – partneracrobat, cyr wheel & ukulele
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen – slack rope acrobat & baritone and tenor saxophone
The performance was created collectively
Costumes by Camila Sarrazin
Lightdesign by Casper Wijlhuizen
Outside eye: Petter Wadsten

Residency: Dynamo Workspace and Baltoppen

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Kontakt GLiMT