On tour in 2021-22

Like Dorothy followed a yellow path into the Land of Oz, you will be lead by a yellow path around the library. The path leads into the land of books, where a dancer interprets a poem, an actor brings the characters of literature to life, a typewriter writes on endless paper, an author reads aloud his poems, and music emerges. The walk is a physical experience of poetry, based upon Danish author Thomas Boberg’s poetry collection Preparations for life (2020), which comes to life in Camila Sarrazin’s magical performance installation. The performance draws expression from several art forms, but is centered around Boberg’s authorship, which embraces both poems, novels and some of the best travelogues in Danish literature. With Boberg’s literary restlessness as the driving force, we explore the volatility of literature.

Age group: From age 16.

Director and set designer:
Camila Sarrazin

Thomas Boberg, Sunniva Løvland Byvard/Elise Bjerkelund Reine and William Yazaki Schou

Dramaturg and choreography consultant:
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Sound designer:
Søren Knud

Scenographer's assistant:
Timotie Giradon

Supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen's Foundation, Aarhus Cultural Development Funds, and William Demant's Foundation.

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