A young girl gets thrown into a magical parallel universe. A world of webs – webs of dreams… and of nightmares. She needs to brace herself and confront her inner self to save her father.”

Underwood premiered in May 2015, and repremiered in May 2016.

UNDERWOOD is a performance situated inside a forest, created in the beautiful natural park of Kalvebod Fælled close to Copenhagen. It became a huge succes, and we have chosen to continue the project and bring it back for a second run in the summer of 2016.

In her quest to find her father, who disappeared in the Underwood, we follow a girl’s inner and outer challenges, her development through the challenges and her story about taking charge and growing up.

Press kit:

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NB! The press release is only available in Danish. Contact us for an English translation.

Press quotes:

A fantastic consciousness expanding experience”
★★★★★★ Kulturkongen

A very strong visual expression”
★★★★ Ungt teaterblod

★★★★ Teateravisen

A poetic web, where the forest act like a living scenography for a series of astonishing actions”

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