Rootless is the memory of the place of origin and the life between two worlds. About the great hope that exists in every beginning and every new coincidence.

In a gigantic shawl, suspended between floor and ceiling, in a place between contemporary dance, videoprojections and aerial acrobatics, Rootless treats the big hope. That which happens between the new and the memory of the old and safe.

Rootless is Camila Sarrazin’s personal journey from the early childhood memories in the past to the new roots she has struck in Denmark, her new country.

16 years ago, Camila left Chile and travelled the world, until six years ago when she settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her husband and child.
In Rootless, she examines what happens when you lose your connection to your home country. How do you connect with your new country, where you maybe feel at home, but which still is not a part of you and your memories. Why do you feel like a stranger in your homeland? And how many rootless people are out there?

Press quotes:

“There are moments of eternal beauty in “Rootless”, when Camilla Sarrazin climbs in and out of her misty past and negates the laws of gravity.”
★★★★★ Arbejderen, Gert Poder. May 2014

“An extraordinary performance, which is unusually simple in its way of performing. Strongly moving and very effective in its expression”
★★★★ Folketidende. June 2014.

“A symbolic journey, interpreted with simple tools, easy to behold and beautiful in its calm performance. It is a 40 minutes performance, which gets life from Camila Sarrazins calmness, intensity and imaginatory skills”, Maj 2014

“Camila accomplishes through her strong dance, expressive bodylanguage, her homecrocheted shawl and her mimics to fill out the whole stage”
“Few scenic tools – huge effect”
“Beautiful physical performance”
★★★★, maj 2014



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