The last Supper

The last Supper, how did we get here?

A contemporary circus performance that invites the audience to our last supper. Through acrobatics, physical theater, dance, livemmusic and loads of humor, we bring you into this extremely special atmosphere where everything can happen.
The tension is visible, the atmoshpere unique. Anything can happen as we are not going to see each other again. How did we get here, and what do we want to do together before we have to part?
Through 5 performers intertwining stories we get to reflect upon our own situation and habits.

The audience is seated with us, right next to the performers. Suddenly one cannot contain herself any longer and has to burst her story out for all present. How did she end here? how did we all end here? The last night all together…

The last Supper is a co-production between GLiMT AMAGER and Dynamo Workspace, and premieres on 7. march 2024.


Performers: Fridamy Roth, Karl Dahl, Ambre Ros, Antoine Dupeyrot, Lars Lindegaard Gregersen
Staging: Lars Lindegaard Gregersen
Co-composer: Camilla Bang
Lightdesigner: Martin Danielsen
Costumes: Camila Sarrazin
Dramaturgic consultant: Joen Højerslev
Consulents: Gry Lambertsen og Rune Vadstrøm
Directors-assistent: Liv Mikaela Sanz

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, and Copenhagen Commune

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