May 2, 2019 guest user

Sisyphus Ascending at CIRKULIACIJA circus festival

“Sisyphus Ascending” will be presented at CIRKULIACIJA, Kaunas, Lithuania.

On the next 14thof June, GLiMT will travel to Kaunas in Lithuania in order to present its now famous performance “Sisyphus Ascending” on the occasion of the circus festival CIRKULIACIJA.

Cirkuliacija is a community-based educational contemporary circus festival, happening in the city of Kaunas since 2016, which main purpose is to disseminate a new genre of performing arts still unknown in Lithuania, as well as to create conditions for the emergence and development of Lithuanian contemporary circus production.

“Sisyphus Ascending” will then be part of the various shows, workshops and family events happening during this festival, the only one of its kind in Lithuania.


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