Sisyphus Ascending


Like the hero of the Greek mythology, the Sisyphus embodied by Lars Gregersen seems to be condemned to an absurd perpetual task, with which he first tries to get along, but then tries to resist. This contemporary version takes place in a small office, dwarfed by a tall bookshelf filled with files and papers, which Sisyphus is endlessly trying to put in order…

Duration: 60 minutes

A modern tale about conquering the monotony of repetition.

The performance is a poetic, sharp and funny interpretation of the Greek myth about Sisyphus, who is doomed to roll a rock up a mountain forever, only to see it roll back again, so he can start all over again. Here it is portrayed through a visually and physically strong piece of modern circus.

We meet Sisyphus at his office with an oversized bookcase, a table full of strange sounds and uncontrollable piles of paper. The strange office frames a modern Sisyphus in a suit, and his audacious attempts at breaking out of Life’s perpetual repetitions.

What must he conquer to escape his penalty? Can he find his freedom elsewhere?

Press quotes:

The content, the physics and the poetry unites into a higher unity”
 Herning Folkeblad, Dorte Kolding

”Do you like crazy astounding acrobatics, then check out the neckbreaking physical equilibrism of Lars Gregersen in the performance ”Sisyphus Ascending”.”
”World class contemporary circus”
Urban, MHJ

As the main character of Sisyphus you will experience Lars Gregersen, a divine profesional acrobat – and you will as audience not only watch dumbstruck by his technical abilities, but also by the fact that his never ending work in this performance, unfolds in fantastic bodymovement” 
Cityavisen, Mikkel Ankjærgaard 3rd June 2009

A Lovely Mix of Mimics and Body Control”
” Lars Gregersen’s eminent body control and his quirky game with the scenography on stage, collaborate in establishing powerfully symbolic situations and moods which assault the spectator’s very body and soul.  Sisyphus’ journey from blind routine to defiant rebellion and despairing impotence towards play and ultimate surrender to his destiny, is cleverly carried through by a versatile and riveting performer.”, Vaar Maria Channell

… new steps into the unknown for Danish Contemporary Circus. Sisyphus has become a small Kafkan office slave, whose life is a humdrum of climbing and paper pushing by his desk, until the moment where he starts to occupy his several meters high bookcase and to rebel.”
“… this performance is infused with lots of lifegiving ambition – in its choreography as well as in its content.”
 Berlingske Tidende, Jakob Steen Olsen

An original Contemporary Circus performance”
“It looks agile, when the grey office worker hangs upside down while the bookcase shoots off teasing papers from its shelves.”
 Jyllandsposten, Henrik Lyding

Sisyphus has donned a suit. The mountain is a high pole, the stone an attaché case, and the worldi s crammed with paper. All alone on stage Lars Gregersen lives through the exhausting Sisyphusian scenarium, where he must take the trip up the mountain with his attaché case time and time again.
“The style is called Contemporary Circus and includes eveything from funny gestures to acrobatic impossibilities – slack rope dance being one of them”.
Metro Express, Marie Schwennesen


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