August 31, 2019 Redaktør

Premiere of “Ilt”

On the 31st October, we will be premiering “Ilt”, our new co-production with ZeBU.

“Ilt” is a solo performance for children, where a man plays and talks about the histories of each of his 5 saxophones, ranging from the last Italian bass saxophone ever to be made, through the last breath of a Danish jazz saxophone player, to a grandfather’s heirloom from the 1920s. Through the stories which are expressed through acrobatics, playing the saxophones and the audience’s participation in the music, we take a close look at the interplay between saxophones and the way we breathe, and how breath affects everything in us.

“Ilt” lies in the intersection between physical theatre, contemporary circus, acrobatics, live music and storytelling, and takes a philosophical and aesthetical approach to the subject of saxophones, air and breath.

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