August 15, 2019 Redaktør

Glimpse of a Cabaret and workshop in Ørestad

On the 31st August we’re back with another performance – this time back home in our own neighbourhood. Here, we’ll be arranging a special performance and workshop at Ørestad Streethal, in connection with Ørestad Cultural Day 2019.

Through different scenarios with nerve wrenching acrobatics, poetic equilibrism and head-turning comedy, the audience will get a chance to see Ørestad Streethal used in ways, they’ve never seen before.

For more information on the show (in Danish), click here
And for information on the workshop (in Danish), click here

This event is a part of our cultural collaboration with Grundejerforeningssekretariatet Ørestad.

You can see the rest of the program for Ørestad Cultural Day 2019 here (in Danish):

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