July 22, 2017 Redaktør

“Sisyphus Ascending” visits Lys over Lolland

We love it when an old favourite continues to tour and develop – and that is very much the case with “Sisyphus Ascending”.

The performance premiered in 2008, and has been touring since – most recently to the Les Boreales festival in Normandy. Now, the performance is back on the road, this time going to Lys over Lolland in Denmark.

The performance will be playing on the 31st August at 8pm in the Koncert Hall at Saxkøbing Sukkerfabrik.

“Sisyphus Ascending” is a poetic, sharp and funny interpretation of the Greek myth about Sisyphus, who is doomed to roll a rock up a mountain forever, only to see it roll back again, so he can start all over again. Here it is portrayed through a visually and physically strong piece of modern circus.

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