August 22, 2016 Redaktør

“What is left” research


During the course of the summer, we’ve had 2 weekends of beginning research, in preparation for the performance “What is left”, which will be premiering in April 2017.

“What is left” is an intimate performance about losing someone close to you. Accompanied by a dancer and an opera singer, the audience walks through a tunnel of crocheted and woven memories of someone who has passed away – and are maybe reminded of someone they themselves have lost.

During the summer, we’ve been developing ideas and testing sketches of both compositions and scenography – and it’s looking really good! The performance is still very much under development, but we’re already looking very much forwards to being able to tell you more about the performance during the course of the autumn and winter.

“What is left” will be playing from the 20th April – 11th May 2017 in the church hall in the old St. Elisabeth Hospital on Amager in Copenhagen (where Amager Hospital was previously located).
The performance will be playing daily from Tuesday to Saturday at 20:00.

Read more about “What is left” here.

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