GLiMT is a professional performing arts company established in 2002 by Camila Sarrazin and Lars Lindegaard Gregersen.

GLiMT combines contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre in order to create new and challenging performances that raise important questions about our society and the time we live in. Through the years GLiMT has produced 15 performances of varying scale, received great acclaim from both audiences and press and toured in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Chile.

GLiMT´s performances are developed and created in collaboration with the artistic team related to each specific project. During the years, GLiMT has focused on the relation between performer and scenography, and the physical work with both. GLiMT´s performances are quite different; from sitespecifc performances in buildings and forests, small intimate experiences to larger blackbox performances.

The 2 artistic directors have each their approach for their creative work and inspires and challenges eachother in each their projects. This creates an important development and variety in each performances expression.

Apart from performances, GLiMT also creates larger educational projects, e.g. Valby Sommercirkus, ”Evolution” at Helsingør Lilleskole and the current project ScenEx – a theatrical encounter between youths and GLiMT´s physical expression in Tårnby, Denmark.

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Camila Sarrazin
Artistic director

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen
Artistic director

Board of directors:

Josephine Randrup
Søren Flor
Helena Berglund


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