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Looking for production assistant intern

We are currently looking for an unpaid intern for our next production, “Dance me to the end of life”.

As our intern, you will be a part of the production as a Production Assistant, where you will assist with a range of different practical tasks in connection with the performance. You will likely be working together with our technical director, the director of the show and our producer.

About GLiMT

GLiMT works with combining circus, dance and physical theatre into new, challenging forms.
GLiMT’s stage work is developed together with the entire team involved in each project.

About “Dance me to the end of life”
Dance me to the end of life is a party! A celebration of happiness and social gathering.

The guests begin theri first class in the Bolero dance. The hostess welcomes them and the musician starts playing.

In the middle of the dance, a postman from a past time enters the room… He doesn’t know why he is here, but he’s got letters with him, sent to this address, and to these people.

Stories, dance and letters intertwine, and through physical expression, dance, text and live music we embark on an exploration of the communication of different times. Older times’ physical meetings, the letters of later times, and the virtual communication of the modern day.

And through the dance we recover a form of communication that all generations can share.

Read more about the performance here:


If you’re interested in becoming our intern, please send us an application where you tell us about yourself, and why you’d like to be our intern. Attach your CV.

Applications are sent directly to director Camila Sarrazin at

Write ”production assisteat” in the subject line.

The internship is unpaid and can be a part of an education or a corporate internship scheme.

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