August 3, 2018 Redaktør

“opHAV” goes on tour

“opHAV” is now touring, and will be visiting harbours throughout Denmark.  

Tour schedule for the Summer of 2018

20th July at 16.30 @ Esbjerg Harbour, as part of Tall Ships Races
24th July at 18.30 @ Assens Harbour, as part of Assens for fulde Sejl
– Historien er Overalt
1st August at 19.00 @ Malmö Sommarscen
2nd August at 19.00 @ Malmö Sommarscen
4th August at 17.00 @ Halmstad Internationella Gatuteaterfestivalen
11th August at 14.15 @ Heaven and Harbour Festival
12th August at 16.30 @ Heaven and Harbour Festival
17th August at 15.00 @ Hvide Sande Harbour
18th August at 13.00 @ Ringkøbing Harbour
26th August at 14.00 @ Fredericia Harbour, as part of Trekantområdets festuge

Read more about the performance here:


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