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The leaves are falling

Rootless 1

The leaves are falling as GLiMT leaves for IETM and CINARS. UNDERWOOD is being researched. And the future project “IN THE SHELL” is being prepared.

GLiMT @ IETM in Sofia and CINARS in Montreal

GLiMT will participate in the IETM meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria the 16-19 october and CINARS in Montreal, Canada the 18-23 november.

If you are there, and would like to meet up, please send a mail to info@glimt.info.

Beside general networking and inspiration, we will primarily promote our touring repertory and look for partners for our upcoming project “Inside the Shell”.

On thursday the 16. october, Lars Gregersen is going to present the project “Inside the Shell” at IETM in the newsround at 16.00-17.00.



GLiMT´s next performance UNDERWOOD is a sitespecific piece set in the amazing natural parc of Amager Naturpark.

The audience will travel into the forest of the UNDERWOOD, following the journey of a young girl. Slowly they explore the webs among the trees and the inhabitants that live there.

Along the way suspicion arise that they are inside the girl´s subconsciousness on her way to adulthood.

The performance is premiering the 26. may 2015 in Tårnby, Denmark (Just outside Copenhagen), and plays until the 20. june.

It will feature among others, Lars Gregersen and Camila Sarrazin on stage, and the amazing music and poems of Hanne Raffnsøe.



GLiMT has recently received funding for our performance “Inside the Shell” scheduled for 2016.

The performance is treating the ever more complicated social rules, how we interpret actions and respond back.

Especially now in a globalised world where cultures blend more and more.

The audience will follow 3 characters in a moving set showing 3 sides of a house. The exterior (public space), the inside (familiar space), and a secret room (inner space)

A scandinavian meet a Latin, and we follow their attempts to understand eachother.

The 3 performers come from each their field in the physical stage arts; a dancer, an acrobat and a physical actor.

Interacting with eachother and the set design it will be a extremely physical performance with hope, hatred, frustration, panic and love.

We are now in the process of organising the project with our 14 collaborating partners from theatres in Denmark.

We will make a audience developing program following the process, spanning the partners sharing ressources and experiences.

We are looking for additional international partners for the project, and if you could be interested, please contact us for more info.



The new teaser for ROOTLESS is now up in our Vimeo channel.

Check it out here. 

Next opportunity to see the performance live is in Teater Momentum, Odense, Denmark, the 13th March 2015.

If you would like to come and see the performance live, please contact us.


In hope to see you soon, and have a brilliant contemplative autumn!


Camila Sarrazin & Lars Gregersen

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