août 15, 2019 Redaktør

Special performance for Smukfest

We’ve just returned after a fantastic week in Skanderborg in Western Denmark,where we created a special performance for the music festival Smukfest.

The festival guests were able to take a boat to « Ønskeøen » (Never Land), where they met mysterious creatures in the woods, wearing masks, dancing on lines and crawling in tree tops, while they went exploring among the trees.

It was a great experience – both for us and our audience. So now, we’ve started work on turning « Dreams of Trees » into a special scenic universe, which can be adapted to many different outdoor areas. In this way, our plan is to create special experiences acroos Denmark and abroad in connection with music festivals and other cultural events.

If you’re curious, click here to see more information from the event (NB! – the site is currently only available in Danish):

And if you’d like to know more, or you know someone who should, please contact our producer: