août 15, 2019 Redaktør

Premiere of « Vesta »

Come September, you can discover a new world in the woods… Because that’s when we premiere our new performance, « Vesta ».

We sit around a bonfire in the middle of the woods, as we listen to local stories which slowly transform into myths. The storyteller is a mysterious woman – our host, on this late summer evening. A great couldron sits atop the crackling fire, bubbling, as the music acompanies the sounds of the forest.

« Vesta » is an intimate experience in the middle of Pinseskoven (The Pine Woods) with storytelling, where the fire and the surroundings create a timeless feeling of community, family and home.
It’s free to participate, you only need to book your ticket in advance.

NB! – the show is in Danish.

Click here to read more about the performance (in Danish)

Click here to book your ticket (the show is in Danish)