GLiMT is a professional performing arts company established in 2002 by Camila Sarrazin and Lars Lindegaard Gregersen.

GLiMT combines contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre in order to create new and challenging performances that raise important questions about our society and the time we live in. Through the years GLiMT has produced around 15 performances of varying scale and toured in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Chile.

Currently, our tour repertoire consists of 6 performances of varying scale and setting. You can see more information below.

We also offer workshops in connection with our performances, with experience teaching all levels from complete amateur to professionals, and both children and adults.
And we can create special performances just for your festival, cultural event or other activity. Get in touch with us to discuss further, or click here to see photos from past events we’ve created. 


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