“‘an altogether beautiful story, which will without a doubt move you.”
★★★★★ Scenekanten.com

“The performance is poetic and with a beautiful aesthetic”
★★★★ Teater1

“a small, fine, poetic performance, which at times appears as fragile as a childhood memory.”
★★★★ Thor Kidmose / WRDSMTH

“GLiMT find their way to the poetry of Primeval Man in the fearless stunt-performance ’Strainer’ ”

★★★★★★ Kulturkongen

“moves forward at exponential speeds.”
DANS magasinet / Terpsichore

In 2017, Bo Madvig received the prestigious Årets Reumert award as Dancer of the Year for his performance in STRAINER

“a fantastic consicousness-expanding experience”
★★★★★★ Kulturkongen

“a very strong visual expression”
★★★★ Ungt Teaterblod

★★★★ Teateravisen

Awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation

“moments of eternal beauty”
★★★★★  Arbejderen

“Strongly moving and very effective in its expression”
★★★★ Folketidende

“easy to behold, and beautiful in its calm performance”

“Beautiful physical performance”
★★★★ Kulturkongen.dk

“A metaphor for hidden and forgotten citydestinies.”
★★★★ Teater1

“beautiful, strong and at times humoristic pictures”
★★★★ Kulturshot

“poetic beauty and visual plasticity”
El Mercurio, Chile

“a truly impressive show and an excellent demonstration of contemporary circus”
Unpack The Arts, Bulgaria

“The performance contains a illumination of life itself – existence – the world”
★★★★★ Kulturkongen

“an acrobatic playground, that pushed the audience right to the edge of their carpets”
★★★★★★ Ørestadavisen

“The content, the physical work and the poetry combines into a higher unity”
★★★★★ Herning Folkeblad

“World class contemporary circus”
“Do you like crazy astounding acrobatics, then check out the neckbreaking physical equilibrism of Lars Gregersen in the performance ”Sisyphus Ascending”

“Lars Gregersen, a divine profesional acrobat”

“impacts the spectator’s very body and soul.“
★★★★ Byenkalder.dk

“… this performance is infused with lots of lifegiving ambition – in its choreography as well as in its content.”
★★★★ Berlingske Tidende

“An original Contemporary Circus performance”
★★★★ Jyllandsposten

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