Two Faces

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane to that time of changes, loneliness, platonic love, extremes, life, death , happiness, sadness and sex. One thing is to remember it. Another is to live it!

A crazy cocktail about being a teenager. A tribute to Youth. A performance about letting go of your childhood and testing adult life. Based on a cocktail of dancer Camila and choreographer Kasper’s memories. About fighting boredom, getting dressed, the conflicts with Mom and Dad, drinking, loneliness, happiness and melancholia, sex, death … and a whole lot more.

The memories are expressed in a collage of movement, contemporary circus, slam poetry, slapstick and a dying clock radio. Finally it is a comment on creating stage arts.

Two Faces is created in close cooperation between the performer, choreographer, composer and light designer. 




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