A series of cabarets have given GLIMT the possibility of turning things upside down, and thereby bringing up themes, which are often taboo. We have endeavoured to challenge the audience to think new thoughts and the artists to reinvent their methods and creative strategies.

Take 6 widely different performers, 1 director, 1 theme, 1 stage or other venue and mix in 5 rehearsal days, and you have the recipe for a completely unusual and extraordinary cabaret containing everything from acrobatics, dance, music, stand-up, mime, flamenco and pure humour.

During the 08/09 season, GLIMT has presented three different cabarets. Every cabaret has its own theme, its own director and 6 especially selected performers.

The first cabaret “Grotesthetics – Esthetics of the Grotesque” was presented at Kaleidoskop K1 theatre in Copenhagen on the 20th. and 21st. December 2008.

The second cabaret – “Alone Together” was commissioned by the Metropolis 2009 Festival to take place in the university dorm Tietgenkollegiet’s round courtyard (August 2009).

The third – and for the moment last – cabaret – commented on the changes in our global environment under the title “The Climate Acts” (October 2009).

Presenters are offered the possibility of co-producing especially themed cabarets.

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