Empty steps


“Empty Steps” shows the passing of one day for a brother and sister living on the street. From waking up in a huge pile of clothes, to desperate acrobatics on a wall. Enjoying their last treasure of food, and taking solace in painting their own home on the wall…

Two young people 
Constantly under tension
No safety
No security
But life is tension
One moment gives a friend safety
And plastic bags around, a sense of security 
Often no food
But a piece of bread with cheese is the best feast
Two playing as all young people do
But not all young people are in a dream world of glue and varnish
Two who dream
But their dreams are slowly disappearing
Have you seen them?

Choreographer and director Camila Sarrazin uses dance, physical skills, humor and drama, to make the audience feel and reflect on how reality is for milllions of children around the world. 

Two versions of the performance exist: An outdoor version performed in urban spaces, and an indoor theatre version using video projections as part of the scenography.


“The finest visual expressions, that blends in with the space, is Lars Gregersens dance up against the naked, hard wall and Camila Sarrazins choreography with gigantic transparent plastic bags that fills with air and blows away in the air. Hopelessly empty. A metaphor for hidden and forgotten city destinies.”
★★★★ Teater1, Mette Garfield. 2013

“In the glue high they float away in beautiful, strong and at times humoristic pictures. Here the kids can float effortlessly up on the walls and the cloth become living people, that can give care, love and companionship… Although just for as long as the high lasts.”
★★★★ Kulturshot, Jakob Schmidt. 2013

“A beautiful piece, with a great balance between seriousness and humour.”
Review written by Matilde Pedersen and Dagrún Sara Gunnarsdóttir, high school students, for Horsens youth theatre festival

“It was a really good piece with a super good message, which they delivered really well to the audience.”
Review written by Louise Kyhn, high school student, for Horsens youth theatre festival

”The two manage, in the space of the half hour the performance lasts, to acquaint the audience with the conditions these children live with.”
Review written by Anna Charlotte, high school student, for Horsens youth theatre festival

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