Are you us?



A story about a man, the earth and the surrounding communities, about human nature and our relationship to our home.

A man sits on top of a huge knot of rope. The knot is suspended above the ground, hanging from the ceiling, and swaying gently. He is watching, pondering.

The rope knot is his world, where he eats, sleeps and lives his life. When he suddenly moves down from the knot and into the unknown, he becomes aware that he is not alone…

With “ARE YOU US?”, GLiMT has created a performance that reflects on modern times. Without moralizing, Lars Lindegaard Gregersen challenges his audience.

With wild physical expression, Henriette Groth’s poetic music and the stunning set design, you have to reflect on the questions: What actually creates your world? Who establishes the boundaries and why? And where the hell are we going?

Simultaneously, three storylines are interwoven: His development as a person, from infancy to death, his relation to his place of origin and the meeting with “the others”, and finally how we all relate to our planet.

Press quotes:

Read whole article about “Are you Us?” from Daniela Firescu, theatre and literature critic from Romania. 

The poetic beauty and visual plasticity of “Er du Os?” (“Are you Us?”), and the presence and physical mastery of the solo-performer, Lars Gregersen, makes it especially worthwhile to see the Danish group GLiMT´s debut here in Santiago.”
El Mercurio, Chile, Pedro Labra Herrera. 1st February 2013

“Er du Os? is a truly impressive show and an excellent demonstration of contemporary circus, unifying various performance disciplines into an original poem about one man and his world” 
Unpack The Arts, Bulgaria, Valentin Todorov, August 2012

“It´s the time of grace when the beauty of music, movement, art and physical virtuosity come together and create emotion, it is the said “L´amor che move il sole e l´altre stelle” (Paradiso XXXIII, 145) from the Divine Comedy”
Unpack The Arts, Romania, Daniele Firescu, August 2012  

“The performance contains a illumination of life itself – existence – the world”
”A fantastic, clever and lifegiving performance by the solo performer”
★★★★★ Kulturkongen, Jane Bentholm Hansen 14th August 2012

The idea with the globe of rope is simple and brilliant. The use of light and especially sound makes us laugh and grue, become sad and happy, as Lars Gregersen wishes us to be”
★★★★★ Kulturkongen, Carsten Hansen 14th August 2012

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