Love is put to the test when the odd couple Lola and Bruno, need to get the last details in place before the grand opening of their new café ”Bar Bruno”. The misunderstandings fly through the air when the practical Bruno and the passionate Lola, who each have their own agenda, try to make ends meet in spite of everything.

Duration: 55 min.

A contemporary-circus performance for both indoor theatres and outdoor venues.

Dedicated to Sol Espinoza, a dear friend.

Bruno and Lola, a quaint wedded couple and the proud owners of a travelling bar, are preparing everything to open in the next minutes.

But this day is not your ordinary day, it is the day of their wedding anniversary, and while they speak, each in their own language, their misunderstandings lead them to do things least expected.

What we see transforms into poetry, and the words lose their meaning in an acrobatic unfolding, in which different scenic disciplines combines to show, that love survives the most difficult of tests.

Press reviews:
“ Some shows sneak slowly into your heart, but once there, they dont leave you. That was how it was with GLiMT in the Sestri Levante festival”
Il Secolo XIX (Italy)

Slack- and tango dancing humoristic entertaining, while GLiMT artistically quarrels at a high level”
Berner Zeitung (Switzerland)

A sparkling fresh and funny performance, leaving everybody holding their breath when, Camila-Lola, hanging from the top of a pyramid in two pieces of tissue, dance her suggestive and sensual contorsions.”
Libertá (Italy)


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