Himmel og Havn Festival (Heaven and Harbour Festival in Danish)
Tårnby’s very own festival with contemporary circus, acrobatics, clowning and live music for the whole family.
11th – 12th August 2018 at Kastrup Marina

The entire program is free, and you don’t need to book a ticket, so just grab your family by the hand and come down to the harbour.

Saturday the 11th August: 
14.00: Official opening of the festival with Vice Mayor Jan Jakobsen, Tårnby Kommune and Lars L. Gregersen, GLiMT
14.15: “opHAV” by GLiMT and Teatret OM
15.15: “Live music” by Michael Miño
15.45: “The Balance” by Cikaros
16.30: “Live music” by Michael Miño
17.00: “Culbuto” by Cie Mauvais Coton (France)
17.30: End of the day

Sunday the 12th August:
14.00: “Jekyll on Ice” by Paolo Nani
15.30: “Culbuto” by Cie Mauvais Coton (France)
16.30: “opHAV” by GLiMT and Teatret OM
17.30: End of the day

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Do you want to volunteer? 

If you’d like to volunteer at the festival, we’d love to hear from you! Send our producer an e-mail: jonas@glimt.info


The background of Himmel og Havn Festival

During the past 16 years as an internationally touring company, GLiMT has performed at numerous festivals around the globe. Through the years, the company’s artistic directors, Lars og Camila, have established bonds of friendship with several festivals through returning with performances and helping out with practical stuff, and have seen the inner workings behind the festivals.

It was in this way the idea of a festival back home in Tårnby started. A festival, which shows performanes in an urban space which everyone can enjoy – also those who wouldn’t normally visit a theatre venue. A festival with performances which local people can be absorbed by, with a high artistic level, and which are entertaining and acceissible to all ages.

August 2018 is the first time that Heaven and Harbour Festival takes places – but our hope and our aim is that the festival will become a summer event to look forward to every year.

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How do I get there?
Click the map below to see exactly where Heaven and Harbour Festival will take place:

The team behind
Himmel og Havn Festival

Artistic directors:
Camila Sarrazin
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Technical director:
Karl Sørensen

Jonas Schou Hansen

Assistant Producer:
Ann-Sofie Estrup Bertelsen

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