“I keep pieces of a broken wooden sculpture.
I have those pieces and I can’t let them go.
I treasure them in a box with my most valuable things.
I will never be able to throw them away.
Those pieces are what is left of the person that I loved, and I can only love her today by remembering what was, and longing for what we were together.
She is no longer here and these objects are what is left of her.
When I close my eyes I try to remember her.
But the memory begins to lose clarity.
Suddenly I don’t remember if she had long or short lashes.
The details fade, and I feel like I’m losing what is left; the memories and the history.”

“What is left” is a different kind of live theatre experience, exploring what is left after someone dear has passed away; a performer and an opera singer take the audience on an intimate journey through what is left behind by someone – through the objects, the memories and the stories.

Walking through a tunnel woven from the detritus of life, we experience firsthand the love of that someone, the longing, and the loss. And maybe we are reminded of someone whom we, ourselves, have lost, and what is left of them.

Premiere: 20th April 2017 at the old Sct Elisabeth Hospital on Amager, Copenhagen.

Danish tour, August-September 2017:
The performance tours acroos Denmark in August and September 2017. Check back here regularly for updates. The following is a preliminary tour schedule, with more dates to be added soon:

12/08 @ Teater Nordkraft, during Aalborg Operafestival, 6pm and 8pm
14/09 @ Ranum Kirke (arrangered by Vesthimmerlands Teaterforening), 6pm and 8pm
16/09 @ Den Fynske Opera, 3pm, 5pm and 7:30pm
28/09 @ Kulturhus Kappelborg, 3pm and 7:30pm

Press quotes:
“Touching and magical”
★★★★★★ Kulturkongen.dk

“Really fine, almost meditative and beautiful performance”
★★★★★ Kulturkongen.dk

‘What is left’ is an altogether beautiful story, which will without a doubt move you. It is suitabely mysterious and particularly relevant. It is about yourself and your emotions.”
★★★★★ Scenekanten.com

“The performance is poetic and with a beautiful asethetic”
★★★★ Teater1

“a small, fine, poetic performance, which at times appears as fragile as a childhood memory.”
★★★★ Thor Kidmose / WRDSMTH

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Director and scenographer:
Camila Sarrazin

Hanne Raffnsøe

Annika Kompart

Opera singer (during touring):
Hanne Marie le Fevre

Opera singer (during original run):
Johanne Højlund

Karl Sørensen

Lighting design consultant:
Mogens Kjempff

Kristian Knudsen

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Signe Ravn

Jonas Schou Hansen

at Kulturzonen Tårnby, and Laboratoriescenen at Dansehallerne

The Danish Arts Foundation Committee for Performing Arts

Graphic design:
Mads Find, with photo by Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Andreas Bergmann Steen

Thanks to:
Signe Welcher Nielsen / Psykiatrisk Center Amager, Dorthe Olsen, Michael Eigtved, Klaus Kristoffersen, Karen Lindegaard, John Fomsgaard, Camilla Netterstrøm, Ågård Frimenighed, Sara Simonsen, Cala

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