Premiere June 2018, followed by touring throughout Denmark.  

opHAV is a site-specific performance with acrobatics, physical theatre and live music, created specifically for harbour fronts. The place where human civilization meets the sea. 

The performance will mainly navigate around a local crane in the harbour. This construction, which is created to connect land and sea. The crane is used both physically, scenographically and musically, and opens our scenic area up into the heights. It becomes the anchor of the performance, a co-performer opening up their aspirations, hopes and dreams.

The harbour is symbolic for many things. In addition to being the place where the sea meets our urban community, it is also the place where journeys have traditionally begun and where they’ve returned. It is an area where new people, food and commodities arrive in an existing community. And with all the curiosity, happiness and distrust that follows.

opHAV uses this to explore how we and our community welcomes in new experiences, new opportunities and new people.

There is group dynamics, the seeking of adventure, the potential of the heights, and perpetual yearning.

Video-teaser from “KRAN” – an earlier version of the performance



Co-production partners:
GLiMT and Teatret OM

Artistic concept and direction:
Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Päivi Eleonoora Raninen, Moa Asklöf Prescott, and 2 more performers yet to be confirmed

Antonella Diana & Camila Sarrazin

Camila Sarrazin

Sandra Pasini, Anmemarie Waage-Petersen & Antonella Diana

KIT Metropolis Festival and Halmstad Teater

Tour venues:
Aarhus Festuge, Himmel og Havn Festival, Ringkøbing Harbour and Malmö Sommarscen

This performance has received a production aid by the IN SITU ACT project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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