Dance with me

Letters and Cumbias from the past…
Two steps into the past, two steps towards the future, while the music moves us right now and leaves a draft after our dance together, here in the room. 

Dance with me is a party! A celebration of happiness and social gathering. 

A guitarist starts playing, and as his Latin American rhythms and melodies spread throughout the room, the hostess welcomes the guests to this class in Latin American dancing. As the guests – the audience – learn to dance the “Cumbia” and dance together, the hostess opens up and starts telling stories of her life and why she’s here with them.

Slowly, the audience is drawn into a tale of journeys, letters, joys, longing, and about her grandfather, the Danish mail man, who has shaped who she is today.

We hear stories about the grandfather’s life, about how he lived with his family in South America, and their communication through letters after he returned to Denmark.

Physical expressions, dance, text and live music weave together, as the guests dance together. And through the dance, we rediscover a form of communication that all generations can share.

Dance with me premiered on the 9th November 2018 at Kulturzonen in Tårnby.










Dancer and performer:
Camila Sarrazin or Signe Errboe

Musician and composer:
Michael Miño

Director, scenography and lighting design:
Camila Sarrazin

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Jonas Schou Hansen

Light coding:
Morten Hembo

Traktørstedet Vestamager, Helsingør Teater, Sydhavns Teater, Den Fynske Opera, ENIGMA - Museum for post, tele og kommunikation, Kulturzonen, Karens Minde Kulturhus

Supported by:
The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Performing Arts, Oticon Fonden, Louis-Hansen Fonden, Tårnby Kultur- og Fritidsudvalg, Kgs. Enghave Lokaludvalg

Thanks to:
Omnivox, Cala

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