Dance me to the end of life

Letters and Boleros from the past…
Two steps into the past, two steps towards the future, while the music moves us right now and leaves a draft after our dance together, here in the room. 

Premiere November 2018, followed by touring in Denmark and internationally. 
Dance me to the end of life is a party! A celebration of happiness and social gathering. 

The guests begin their first class in the Bolero dance. The hostess welcomes them and the musician starts playing. In the middle of the dance, a postman from a past time enters the room… He doesn’t know why he is here, but he’s got letters with him, sent to this address, and to these people.

Stories, dance and letters intertwine, and through physical expression, dance, text and live music we embark on an exploration of the communication of different times. Older times’ physical meetings, the letters of later times, and the virtual communication of the modern day.

And the gaps that occur between different generations through their different forms of communication (snapchat for one age group, facebook for another, and for the older generation, written letters?).

When I dance with someone, I don’t need to know that person’s story, all I need is to have trust. To feel we both want the same thing, namely to enjoy dancing ‘al ritmo de la musica’.

And through the dance to recover a form of communication that all generations can share.

Social dancing was once a gathering place, where generations could mix and communicate freely – verbally and physically. People meeting somewhere to dance to music that connects them with each other.

In that moment, through a physical dialogue, you can share happiness, share what the music and the dance does to you, and enjoy life. This is the moment in society, where you can forget problems and conflicts, leave them outside the door, and just feel good together with family, neighbours, colleagues and the community around you.

It is in moments like these that many relations and friendships are born.

This performance gives families a chance to have fun together, and creates a communal space where you can be yourself.

Because where are these social gatherings across generations today? Where do the coming generations have the opportunity to meet physically? The social gathering places are gradually being split up according to age and generation, and of course gradually becoming more and more virtual.


Photo: Hakka Xav

Director, dancer and performer:
Camila Sarrazin

Michael Miño

Janus Suenson Elsig

Scenography and lighting design:
Camila Sarrazin

Lars Lindegaard Gregersen

Jonas Schou Hansen

Helsingør Teater, Sydhavns Teater, Odsherred Teater, Teater Momentum, Limfjordsteatret, Teatret Masken, Bora-Bora, ENIGMA - Museum for post, tele og kommunikation

Supported by:
The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Performing Arts, Oticon Fonden, Louis-Hansen Fonden

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