August 3, 2018 Jonas Schou Hansen

“opHAV” goes on tour

“opHAV” is now touring, and will be visiting harbours throughout Denmark.  

Tour schedule for the Summer of 2018

20th July at 16.30 @ Esbjerg Harbour, as part of Tall Ships Races
24th July at 18.30 @ Assens Harbour, as part of Assens for fulde Sejl
– Historien er Overalt
1st August at 19.00 @ Malmö Sommarscen
2nd August at 19.00 @ Malmö Sommarscen
4th August at 17.00 @ Halmstad Internationella Gatuteaterfestivalen
11th August at 14.15 @ Heaven and Harbour Festival
12th August at 16.30 @ Heaven and Harbour Festival
17th August at 15.00 @ Hvide Sande Harbour
18th August at 13.00 @ Ringkøbing Harbour
26th August at 14.00 @ Fredericia Harbour, as part of Trekantområdets festuge

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